Toyota Racing Series
Tang takes TRS championship lead
Photo Credit: Toyota Racing New Zealand’s Facebook Fan Page

Tang takes TRS championship lead

After four of the five rounds of the Toyota Racing Series, Andrew Tang (pictured) is the new championship leader. Neale Motorsport’s Singaporean driver claimed two second places at the Hampton Downs track as Jann Mardenborough, Steijn Schothorst and Martin Rump shared the wins.

Mardenborough scored a victory on Saturday ahead of Tang. Russian Egor Orudzhev finished third but took a ten seconds penalty for having gained advantage during one of the safety car periods. Eventually the decision was overturned.

Schothorst claimed his first season’s win in Race 2. 19-year-old Dutch driver, made a clean start from the pole while Damon Leitch and Orudzhev fought for the second. Leitch overtook Orudzhev when the Russian went slightly wide. Tang finished fourth.

Giles Motorsport’ Martin Rump won the feature race, despite a safety car that put the pressure on him. After three laps under the yellow flag the Estonian retained the lead over Tang. Orudzhev finished third again.


  Driver Team Time Download Results
Race 1 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport 17:41.809 »
Race 2 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition 15:25.605 »
Race 3 Martin Rump Giles Motorsport 23:43.963 »
Qualifying 1 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport 1:00.819 »
Qualifying 2 Martin Rump Giles Motorsport 1:00.595 »
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