Nascar Whelen Euro Series
Solaris Motorsport ends on top the EuroNASCAR 2021 season

Solaris Motorsport ends on top the EuroNASCAR 2021 season

The 2021 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season ended in Vallelunga last week. For the first time in its NASCAR history, Solaris Motorsport fielded two cars in all the seven rounds. The expert Francesco Sini and the rookie Alina Loibnegger shared the #12 Camaro with the historic colors of the Italian team, while Pierluigi Veronesi fought all the season long for the top positions of the EuroNASCAR 2 at the wheel of the #27 Mustang.

Even in Vallelunga, Francesco Sini showed a good potential but once again he had to face with the bad luck. Solved the engine issues that slowed the Camaro since the Zolder round, the Italian round saw the return of “Ringhio“. Sixth in first lap, Sini was hit twice by other drivers and forced to setup two comebacks. Overtakes and perseverance characterized the race of Sini, able to conquer under the checkered flag the Top10 overall. Despite one less week raced and many troubles during the year, Francesco ended the season so close to the Top10. “It was an intense year. We often showed a very high potential but too much often we had to say goodbye to a good result: once it was a puncture, once an engine issue, once a contact, once the rain. Little things that took us far from result we deserved. We missed the top result, but we made a very good job, very useful for the future. We hope we have evened out with bad luck and so we can begin the new season on top.” said the italian driver.

In the EuroNASCAR 2 Division, the young Alina Loibnegger made her debut with the over 450hp of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. The 26 years old Austrian driver showed a solid grow race by race. Thanks also to the two class victories in Vallelunga, Alina was big protagonist until the last race of the season of the exciting fight for the Lady Trophy. Loibnegger found the way also to conquer several Rookie Trophy podiums during the season, ending her first EuroNASCAR season with the sixth class place.

Another great protagonist of the EuroNASCAR 2 Division was Pierluigi Veronesi, who fought often for the top positions. Even in Vallelunga, the Italian driver showed a solid race pace, passing under the last checkered flag of the season with a comeback and a fifth place. Thanks to two Top5 and seven Top10 in the 14 rounds, Veronesi brought his Mustang at the seventh overall place in the standings, arriving at the last start of the season in the title contending yet.

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series will return in 2022, when the German track of Hockenheim, theatre of great memories for Solaris Motorsport – Francesco Sini was crowned EuroV8 Series Champion in 2014 – will kick off the new season.

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