International GT Open
Solaris at work to rebuild Aston Martin
Photo Credit: Speedy

Solaris at work to rebuild Aston Martin

Solaris Motorsport team is racing against the time to rebuild the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 destroyed in the huge crash at the Paul Ricard circuit early last month, while Francesco Sini was at the wheel of the car.

As the new chassis has arrived at the workshop of the Italian team only a few days ago, Solaris Motorsport has only three weeks to complete the assembly of the Vantage, starting from the nude shell. The goal is to be on the grid of the International GT Open season opener in Portugal, scheduled for April 29th at the Estoril track.

When I told that this could be a challenging season I didn’t have in my mind exactly this.” – said Roberto Sini, Solaris Motorsport Team Principal – “We have very few time and we have to completely rebuild the car. We will begin from the nude chassis, because we had to change it after the crash, it was too damaged. It will be a strong challenge for all of us, bolt by bolt we have to assemble an entire GT3 in less than three weeks. We will do a lot of overtimes, I’m almost sure we will spend our Easter holidays at the factory, but it isn’t the first time we must fix a car in a so few time. I want to thank Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing for their support and the help they gave us immediately. And I want to thank you also GT Open’s organizators and everyone who send us a message, a thought or help us in any way. The most important thing is that the safety pack of the Aston Martin did an outstanding job, because Francesco was unhurt despite a 240 km\h crash against the wall. We want to race in Portugal and give to Mauro and Francesco a competitive Aston Martin, quick as it was during the winter tests!

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