Formula Regional European by Alpine
Saucy ends Barcelona test on top

Saucy ends Barcelona test on top

Grégoire Saucy ended on top the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine test. ART Grand Prix racer set the best time in 1m40.208s in the morning’s session on day 2 as the most of the drivers couldn’t improve in the last session. Patrick Pasma finished second for KIC Motorsport, 56 milliseconds slower than the Swissman.

Prema’s Paul Aron secured the third position lapping one tenth slower than Finnish racer. Briton Alex Quinn (Arden) was fourth, while rookie Isack Hadjar impressed with the fifth time. R-Ace GP driver topped the fourth and last sessione.


Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine
Barcelona. Collective test day 2, 26 March 2021

1. Grégoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix) 1:40.208 S1
2. Patrick Pasma (KIC Motorsport) 1:40.264 S1
3. Paul Aron (Prema Powerteam) 1:40.324 S1
4. Alex Quinn (Arden) 1:40.368 S1
5. Isack Hadjar (R-Ace GP) 1:40,371 S1
6. Kas Haverkort (MP Motorsport) 1:40.387 S1
7. William Alatalo (Arden) 1:40.460 S1
8. Franco Colapinto (MP Motorsport) 1:40.502 S1
9. Oliver Goethe (MP Motorsport) 1:40.524 S1
10. Francesco Pizzi (Van Amersfoort Racing) 1:40.539 S1
11. Hadrien David (R-Ace GP) 1:40.650 S1
12. Andrea Rosso (FA Racing) 1:40.703 S1
13. Dino Beganovic (Prema Powerteam) 1:40.751 S1
14. Thomas Ten Brinke (ART Grand Prix) 1:40.763 21
15. Lorenzo Fluxa (Van Amersfoort Racing) 1:40.838 S1
16. David Vidales (Prema Powerteam) 1:40.844 S1
17. Elias Seppanen (KIC Motorsport) 1:40.888 S1
18. Eduardo Barrichello (JD Motorsport) 1:40.920 S1
19 Gabriele Minì (ART Gran Prix) 1:40.930 S1
20. Zane Maloney (R-Ace GP) 1:40.932 S1
21. Nicola Marinangeli (Arden) 1:41.049 S1
22. Mari Boya (FA Racing) 1:41.285 S1
23. Nico Gohler (KIC Motorsport) 1:41.504 S1
24. Alexandre Bardinon (FA Racing) 1:41.518 S1
25. Gabriel Bortoleto (DR Formula) 1:41.603 S1
26. Axel Gnos (G4 Racing) 1:41.769 S1
27. Pietro Delli Guanti (Monolite Racing) 1:42.202 S2
28. Emidio Pesce (DR Formula) 1:42.273 S1
29. Jasin Ferati (Monolite Racing) 1:42.301 S1
30. Brad Benavides (DR Formula) 1:42.359 S2
31. Tommy Smith (JD Motorsport) 1:42.471 S1
32. Belén Garcia (G4 Racing) 1:43.172 S1
33. Lena Buhler (R-Ace GP) –

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