24H Endurance Series
Porsche secures win at Paul Ricard

Porsche secures win at Paul Ricard

Herberth Motorsport has secured overall victory at the Hankook 12H Circuit Paul Ricard after a race-long battle with the MiddleCap racing with Scuderia Praha Ferrari.

The Herberth Motorsport Porsche 911 GT3 R of Daniel Allemann, Ralf Bohn, Alfred and Robert Renauer started on the front row alongside the polesitting 488 GT3 shared by Josef Král, Matúš and Miroslav Výboh, and despite slipping back to 4th during the opening pit stop, used the Code 60 caution periods to perfection to jump to the front of the GT division shortly thereafter. The lead then swapped back and forth repeatedly between the Porsche and the Ferrari before a succession of fast stints at half-distance allowed Herberth Motorsport to pull away.

Ralf Bohn collected the chequered flag and for Herberth Motorsport completed 315 laps of the 5.842km Circuit Paul Ricard en-route to victory. The result marks the third time the Bavarian team has won a 24H Series event at Circuit Paul Ricard.

Amazingly, on his way to securing 2nd place for MiddleCap racing with Scuderia Praha, Král set the event’s fastest lap – a 2m 03.848s – on his penultimate tour. Behind the top two, the Rutronik Racing Audi R8 LMS GT3 driven by Michael Doppelmayr, Elia Erhart, Swen Herberger and Pierre Kaffer claimed the final spot on the overall GT podium on only its second 24H Series outing.

After a sensational performance, the Reiter Engineering KTM X-Bow GTX of Eike Angermayr, Nicolai Elghanayan, Horst Felbermayr Jr. and Mads Siljehaug claimed a commanding GTX class win and finished 5th on the road, just behind the Car Collection Motorsport Audi R8 LMS GT3 of Milan Dontje, Tim Müller, Pierre-Yves Paque and Robin Rogalski.

The returning SPS Automotive Performance Mercedes-AMG GT3 of Christian HookValentin Pierburg and Steffen Görig finished 6th, despite contact in the opening laps causing lasting damage to the Mercedes’ front right diffuser. The component was eventually replaced altogether, dropping the German team out of podium contention.

Autorama Motorsport has secured a 1-2 finish in the TCR category as Emil Heyerdahl, Constantin KletzerYannick Mettler and Jérôme Ogay finished ahead of the Vw Golf GTi TCR DSG of team-mates Fabian Danz, Rhys LloydMarlon Mendel and Mettler himself.


Le Castellet, 24 April 2021

1. Daniel Allemann-Ralf Bohn-Alfred/Robert Renauer (Porsche 911 GT3 R / Herberth Motorsport) 315 laps, 12:00:15.447 GT3
2. Josef Král-Matúš Výboh-Miroslav Výboh (Ferrari 488 GT3 / Scuderia Praha) + 1 lap GT3
3. Michael Doppelmayr-Elia Erhart-Swen Herberger-Pierre Kaffer (Audi R8 LMS GT3 / Rutronik Racing) + 4 laps GT3
4. Milan Dontje-Tim Müller-Pierre-Yves Paque-Robin Rogalski (Audi R8 LMS GT3 / Car Collection Motorsport) + 7 laps GT3
5. Eike Angermayr-Horst Felnbermayr-Nicolai Elghanayan-Mads Siljehaug (KTM X-Bow GTX / Reiter) + 9 laps GTX
6. Steffen Görig-Christian Hook-Valentin Pierburg (Mercedes-AMG GT3 / SPS Automotive Performance) + 10 laps GT3
7. Lionel Amrouche-Frédéric Ancel-Frederic Lelievre-Philippe Polette (Porsche 991 Cup / Porsche Lorient Racing) + 21 laps 991
8. Gilles Smits-Jaxon Verhoeven-Jean-Pierre Verhoeven (Porsche 911 GT3 Cup / Speed Lover) + 23 laps GTX
9. Emil Heyerdahl-Constantin Kletzer-Yannick Mettler-Jérôme Ogay (Vw Golf GTi TCR DSG / Autorama) + 28 laps TCR
10. Fabian Danz-Rhys Lloyd-Marlon Mendel-Yannick Mettler (Vw Golf GTi TCR DSG / Autorama) + 29 laps TCR
11. Corinna Gostner-David Gostner-Thomas Gostner (Mercedes-AMG GT3 / MP Racing) + 30 laps GT3
12. David Dermont-Mathieu Detry-Stephane Perrin (Audi RS3 LMS DSG / AC Motorsport) + 32 laps TCR
13. Jorge Belloc Diaz-Jorge Belloc Ruiz-Álvaro Rodríguez Sastre (Cupra TCR DSG / Tictap Totcar Sport) + 35 laps TCR
14. Andrey Mukovoz-Sergey Peregudov-Stanislav Sidoruk (Porsche 991 Cup / Duwo Racing) + 47 laps 991
15. Oliver Gomez-Bastien Gouret-Philippe Gruau (Vortex 1.0 / Vortex V8) + 66 laps GTX
16. Thierry Chkondali-Guillaume Roman-Daniel Waszkzinski (Ligier JS2 R / Nordschleife Racing) + 88 laps TCX
17. Dominique Bastien-Olivier Dons-Eric Mouez (Porsche 991 Cup / Speed Lover) + 95 laps 991
18. Jean-Francois Brunot-JM Littmann-Colin White (Ginetta G55 / CWS Engineering) + 98 laps TCX
19. Philippe Bonnel-Pierre Fointaine-Nicolas Nobs (Vortex 1.0 / Vortex V8) + 96 laps GTX
20. Rodriguez Gillion-Kurt Hensen-Nico Verdonck (Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT4 / PRO Sport Racing) + 111 laps GT4
Felipe Fernández-Rubén Fernández-Victor Fernández (Cupra Leon Competición TCR / RC2 Junior Team) 108 laps TCR
Ivo Breukers-Luc Breukers-Rik Breukers (Cupra TCR DSG / Red Camel-Jordans.nl) 98 laps TCR
Chandler Hull-Jon Miller-Samantha Tan (BMW M4 GT4 / ST Racing) 59 laps GT4
Stefan Aust-Bobby Gonzales-Jürgen Häring-Marco Seefried (Porsche 911 GT3 R / Herberth Motorsport) 53 laps GT3
Niki Cadei-Alessandro Cutrera-Marco Frezza-Marco Talarico-L.M.D.V. (Ferrari 488 GT3 / Kessel Racing) – laps GT3
Fastest lap Josef Král (Ferrari 488 GT3 / Scuderia Praha) 2:03.848 in lap 311

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