Euroformula Open
New name for European F3 Open

New name for European F3 Open

GT Sport announced a name change of its leading single-seater formula, from European F3 Open to Euroformula Open. The new name and the new logo of the series were presented today by Jesús Pareja, CEO of GT Sport, to the teams participating to the collective testing session in Jerez that opens the 2014 Winter Series.

The European F3 Open denomination had been in use since 2009, when the championship evolved from the former Spanish F3 Championship into a continental series, running in parallel with the International GT Open.

Jesús Pareja commented – Only the brand changes, not the content. The new Euroformula Open will continue to be the sameTo keep the F3 denomination would have entailed to adopt the new FIA F3 engine rules, something that would have had severe budget implications for the teams. We are of the view that this is not wise, especially in the current economic context. We think that offering a high performance formula at the most reasonable cost possible is the right way forward. This is our philosophy and we will continue to provide our competitors the same competitive package as in the past. Furthermore, with the 2014 engine up-grade, the Euroformula Open cars will have a performance level similar to any other series using F.3 chassis. For us, to retain the freedom to further improve the performance package and the cost-effectiveness in the future is a crucial point. The name change also allows avoiding confusion with the European F3 Championship recently re-instated by the FIA. We definitely think that preserving the essence of our series is more important than how it is called and we look forward to an exciting 2014 season.

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