New Cruze TC1 to make its debut

New Cruze TC1 to make its debut

The new WTCC Chevrolet Cruze TC1 will make its debut on March 19th at the “Ricardo Tormo” track. The new racing car, based on the Cruze Super2000, was designed and built by the automotive engineering company Ray Mallock Limited-RML in according with the new FIA WTCC TC1 class rules.

Roal Motorsport team will spend three days, from April 19th to 21st, for a test session in Valencia. Tom Chilton will be in the car. Thanks to his last WTCC season at the wheel of the Cruze Super2000-spec, Briton is more appropriate for the first test than the other driver for the 2014 WTCC, the Dutch Tom Coronel, who will test at the Adria track just before the Marrakech street circuit round that will kick-off the season on April 13th.

The new 2014 FIA Technical Regulations have produced a new generation of racing cars. They will be faster than the old Super2000 cars, with a drastic increase in performance on the track that is roughly estimated in 1.0 second per kilometre. Thanks to this radical technical evolution, the Chevy 1.6 turbocharged four cylinder engine produces more than 380 bhp.

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