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New BoP measures set to balance EuroV8

New BoP measures set to balance EuroV8

The BoP measures for the second round of the EuroV8 Series at Vallelunga have been finalized, and they will be in effect for the upcoming May 3-4 weekend. Once again, the maximum possible balance is guaranteed thanks to the great work done by the ATT Teams Association after Monza using a brand-new system.

The upgrades involve the Audi RS5 race cars. Their weight will be increased from 1500 to 1520 kilos while the ride height will also be up from 75 to 90 millimeters. On the other hand, the air restrictor will be down 6 millimeters from 85 to 79.

The Chevrolet Camaro will also lose 20 kilos and 10 millimeters of ride height, while the Lumina will be down 30 kilos for a total weight of 1370. The configuration of the Mercedes C63 AMG racers (both the saloon and the coupé models) will remain unchanged despite the double win scored in the Monza opener.

In order to define the new BoP, – explained ATT leader Roberta Gremignaniwe didn’t consider the outcome of the Monza weekend, but we used the results of last year’s round at Vallelunga instead. We analyzed the data and saw that, for example, the four-wheel-drive cars have an advantage on this kind of racetrack. So we took all the measures needed to balance these cars in the best possible way. We are satisfied with how the Monza weekend played out.  The drivers made the difference, as happened with quick-paced Eddie Cheever. The cars were quite aligned in terms of performance, and the pack was tight which is remarkable considering how tough is to find the right balance there.

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