Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe
Mul scores double, Di Folco Pro-Am champion

Mul scores double, Di Folco Pro-Am champion

It was another weekend to remember for Jeroen Mul (Automobili Lamborghini Racing Team Germany) who scored an amazing double in the Nürburgring Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Europa as he did in Round 2 in Silverstone early in May. The Dutchman had no rivals, ruling Race Two from flag to flag in very demanding conditions due to the thick fog and pouring rain. The German weekend also saw the crowning of the first 2014 Champion, the 18 year-old Italian Alberto Di Folco (Autocarrozzeria Imperiale), who seized the PRO-AM Class with a race still to go.

Mul is now the new PRO Class leader, passing the Milos Pavlovic-Edoardo Piscopo (Bonaldi Motorsport) pair forced to make an extra stop due to a puncture and slipping from third to sixteenth. Second and third today in the PRO Class were the two Autocarrozzeria Imperiale drivers Andrea Amici and Alberto Viberti.

In the PRO-AM Class Mirko Bortolotti was the author of an amazing recovery. He took the wheel from his team-mate Andres Josephsohn and brought the Bonaldi Motorsport car up to P3 overall just ahead of Di Folco, always in the leading group, and ahead of the Automobili Lamborghini RT Luxemburg duo, Mikko Eskelinen and Dimitri Enjalbert.

A perfect weekend also for the Swiss Davide Durante (Bonaldi Motorsport), who managed to win AM Class in Race Two after having ruled Race One. He finished sixth overall on Viberti’s (Autocarrozzeria Imperiale) tail. The AM Class podium is completed by Roberto Tanca (Autocarrozzeria Imperiale) and Jake Rattenbury-Jan Van Uytsel (Automobili Lamborghini Racing Team UK).

All competitors in today’s race agreed both the start and finish under safety-car conditions, as the first 20 minutes were deeply affected by thick fog while with just ten minutes to go, pouring rain drastically reduced visibility.

The next round of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Europe is in just less than two months in Sepang, MAL, during the World Finals week of 21-23 November.

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