VdeV Single seater
Matteo Cairoli dominates Race 1

Matteo Cairoli dominates Race 1

Matteo Cairoli scored a flag to flag victory in the first race of the 2014 Challenge Single Seater of the VdeV Series at Barcelona.

GSK Grand Prix driver took the lead from the pole and dominated ahead of other Italian Marco Zanasi (Tomcat Racing), who finished second after a battle with Antonin Borga (Bossy Racing Team). Frenchmen edged Jordan Perroy (RC Formula) out from third. Cairoli’s team mate Daniele Cazzaniga, who started from second row, ended fifth.


VdeV Monoplace - 22nd March 2014, Barcelona (E) - Race 1

1CAIROLI Matteo (ITA)GSK GRAND PRIX00:21:33.65212 laps
2ZANASI Marco (ITA)TOMCAT RACING00:21:51.2580:17.606
3BORGA Antonin (FRA)BOSSY RACING TEAM00:21:51.8560:18.204
4PERROY Jordan (FRA)RC FORMULA00:21:52.0470:18.395
5CAZZANIGA Daniele (ITA)GSK GRAND PRIX00:21:52.4670:18.815
6BURET TimothéEQUIPE PALMYR00:21:57.0580:23.406
7MILESI Sylvain (FRA)RACING TEAM TRAJECTOIRE00:22:03.2550:29.603
8IOGNA Vincent (FRA)FORMULA MOTORSPORT00:22:14.1480:40.496
9PIROIRD Michel (FRA)FORMULA MOTORSPORT00:22:16.9170:43.265
10MELIN Nicolas (FRA)FORMULA MOTORSPORT00:22:19.9440:46.292
11CAZZANIGA Nicola (FRA)GSK GRAND PRIX00:22:30.4470:56.795
12GROSJEAN Christian (FRA)FORMULA MOTORSPORT00:22:50.6861:17.034
13CHOUKROUN Grégory (FRA)AB SPORT AUTO00:22:58.9031:25.251
14GREILING Frédéric (FRA)Lamo Racing Car00:23:18.4791:44.827
15AIMARD Thierry (FRA)ATOM FORMULA00:23:22.9951:49.343
16MATILE Nicolas (FRA)ZIG ZAG00:23:28.2621:54.610
17PERRIER Henri (FRA)RC FORMULA00:21:44.8271 lap
18CARLESI Christian (MON)ZIG ZAG00:21:49.5290:04.702
19MARCON Romain (FRA)FORMULA MOTORSPORT00:18:42.5972 laps
20BENECCHI Xavier (FRA)FORMULA MOTORSPORT00:09:15.8647 laps

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  Driver Team Time Download Results
Race 1 Matteo Cairoli GSK Grand Prix 21:33.652 »
Race 2 Antonin Borga Bossy Racing Team 21:19.419 »
Race 3 Matteo Cairoli GSK Grand Prix 21:42.092 »
Qualifying Matteo Cairoli GSK Grand Prix 1:44.488 »
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