Formula Regional European by Alpine
Imola, day 1. David dominates

Imola, day 1. David dominates

Hadrien David secured the quickest time at the end of the first day of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine pre-season test at Imola. The R-ace GP driver topped both sessions, setting a best 1m38.523s in the afternoon.

ART Grand Prix racer Grégoire Saucy ended 0.003s from Frenchman, followed by Zane Maloney in another R-ace GP car. His team-mate Isack Hadjar emerged as the best of the rookies. Finnish William Alatalo (Arden) rounded-out the top 5.


Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine
Test day 1 – Imola, 17 marzo 2021

1. Hadrien David FRA (R-Ace GP) 1:38.523 S2
2. Grégoire Saucy CHE (ART Grand Prix) 1:38.526 S2
3. Zane Maloney BRB (R-Ace GP) 1:38.561 S2
4. Isack Hadjar FRA (R-Ace GP) 1:38.566 S2
5. William Alatalo FIN (Arden) 1:38.728 S2
6. Alex Quinn GBR (Arden) 1:38.778 S2
7. Patrick Pasma FIN (KIC Motorsport) 1:38.821 S2
8. Francesco Pizzi ITA (Van Amersfoort Racing) 1:38.833 S2
9. Pietro Delli Guanti ITA (Monolite Racing) 1:38.852 S2
10. Kas Haverkort NLD (MP Motorsport) 1:38.889 S2
11. Dino Beganovic SWE (Prema Powerteam) 1:38.900 S2
12. Gabriele Minì ITA (ART Grand Prix) 1:38.809 S2
13. Thomas Ten Brinke NLD (ART Grand Prix) 1:38.964 S2
14. David Vidales SPA (Prema Powerteam) 1:38.969 S2
15. Paul Aron EST (Prema Powerteam) 1:39.026 S2
16. Gabriel Bortoleto BRA (DR Formula) 1:39.074 S2
17. Andrea Rosso ITA (FA Racing) 1:39.105 S2
18. Franco Colapinto ARG (MP Motorsport) 1:39.261 S2
19. Elias Seppanen FIN (KIC Motorsport) 1:39.311 S2
20. Lorenzo Fluxa SPA (Van Amersfoort Racing) 1:39.319 S2
21. Nicola Marinangeli ITA (Arden) 1:39.591 S2
22. Oliver Goethe DNK (MP Motorsport) 1:39.604 S2
23. Brad Benavides USA (DR Formula) 1:39.657 S2
24. Mari Boya (FA Racing) 1:39.753 S2
25. Emidio Pesce (DR Formula) 1:39.794 S2
26. Tommy Smith AUS (JD Motorsport) 1:40.044 S2
27. Eduardo Barrichello BRA (JD Motorsport) 1:40.112 S2
28. Jasin Ferati CHE (Monolite Racing) 1:40.163 S2
29. Alexandre Bartinon FRA (FA Racing) 1:40.172 S1
30. Axel Gnos CHE (G4 Racing) 1:40.216 S2
31. Lena Buhler CHE (R-Ace GP) 1:41.486 S1
32. Nico Gohler GER (KIC Motorsport) 1:41.699 S1

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