EuroV8 Series
2014 EuroV8 Series ready to start

2014 EuroV8 Series ready to start

The fight between Audi, Bmw, Chevrolet, Lexus and Mercedes is ready to play a leading role in the EuroV8 Series 2014. All these contenders will be the major stars of the three Italian and three European races of the series which will be running on world-famous racetracks like Monza (April 6th), Vallelunga (May 4th), Mugello (May 18th), Brno (June 22nd), Sachsenring (21 September) and Hockenheim (October 5th).

FG Group and the Team’s Association “ATT”, at the end of a long planning work, are proud to offer the teams a chance to take part in an high-quality season, after the commitment they showed throughout the years by entering the V8-based series.

Six teams have signed a deal with Fg Marketing & Communication and will be entering all the rounds of the 2014 season. Audi Sport Italia will be back with their RS5 racers while Team Bmw Dinamic and Team Giudici will field the mighty Bmw M3 V8s. MRT by Nocentini is set to line-up their Lexus ISF and Solaris Motorsports will join with both the Chevrolet Camaro and Lumina models. Last but not least, RRT – Roma Racing Team will be fielding the Mercedes C63 AMG in both the sedan and coupé version.

At the same time, more top squads are warming their engines while looking forward to joining the pack. The list of the teams which sent their written communication about their intention to participate to the 2014 EuroV8 Series , includes Romeo Ferraris and Caal Racing with the Mercedes C63 AMG, Petri Corse with the Porsche Panamera, Adria Raceway, Team Ferlito and W&D Racing Team.

The goal to line-up for the 2014 opener at Monza with 16 cars representing at least six car brands, is closer and closer to being achieved!

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