Chevrolet cars 20 kilos heavier
Photo Credit: PHOTO4

Chevrolet cars 20 kilos heavier

The Chevrolet RML Cruze cars will be twenty kilos heavier in Argentina, compared to their weight in the two previous events in Russia and Belgium.

According to the calculation of the Compensation Weight based on the three previous events – Salzburgring, Moscow and Spa-Francorchamps – the Citroën C-Elysée remains the reference model and receives once again the maximum compensation weight of 60 kg in addition to the minimum weight of 1100 kg.

For the next race meeting, at Termas de Río Hondo, weights will not change for the Honda Civic and LADA Granta cars. The Civic will keep on running with 20 kilos of handicap weight, while the Granta has no compensation weight added.

Only the Cruze cars will be forced to adjust their weight, adding 20 kilos for a total of a 40-kilo handicap, because they managed to reduce the gap from the Citroën to 0.5 seconds.

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