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Calamia secures fifth win at Silverstone

Calamia secures fifth win at Silverstone

Mauro Calamia (pictured) scored his fifth win of the season for Swiss Team at Silverstone, in the first race of the Round 3 of Maserati Trofeo World Series.

Having set the quickest times in free practice and claimed the pole position in the wet qualifying on Saturday, the Swiss driver dominated in front of Riccardo Ragazzi, who started from second and grabbed an early lead. Calamia retook top spot on lap 3, profiting when the Italian’s concentration slipped. Thanks to this win, Calamia has closed in even more on the season’s first award, the Trofeo Europa.

His team mate Gabriele Gardel was forced to pull out three laps from the end with a damaged semi-axle when sitting in third. Filling the final podium spot was Andrea Cecchellero after climbing from an initial seventh. Fourth came Alberto Cola as he held off Giorgio Sernagiotto, making a return to the Maserati Trofeo after competing in the 2012 season.

Another driver in a sparkling form was Alan Simoni: he started in 23rd and, after a series of overtaking moves, closed out in seventh. The Italian was so far down the grid as a broken transmission ruled him out of the morning’s qualifying session, forcing him to mount a comeback. Italian singer Max Gazzè, a newcomer to GranTurismo MC Trofeo racing, crossed the line in 16th.


  Driver Team Time Download Results
Race 1 Mauro Calamia Swiss Team 2:12.188 »
Race 1 (amended) Riccardo Ragazzi 31:15.652 »
Race 2 Mauro Calamia Swiss Team 30:59.976 »
Race 2 (amended) Riccardo Ragazzi 31:06.292 »
Race 3 Gabriele Gardel Swiss Team 1h00:28.268 »
Qualifying 1 Mauro Calamia Swiss Team 2:29.203 »
Qualifying 2 Mauro Calamia Swiss Team 2:28.317 »
Free Practice 1 Mauro Calamia Swiss Team 2:11.871 »
Free Practice 2 Mauro Calamia Swiss Team 2:12.658 »
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