Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe
Boccolacci ready to write new chapter

Boccolacci ready to write new chapter

Oregon Team recently announced Dorian Boccolacci for its Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe campaign. The 21-year-old French driver – who joins previously confirmed Italian Kevin Gilardoni – after being a front-runner in the last two FIA Formula 2 Championship seasons and in the GP3 decided to move his target to covered wheels, making his debut in the one-make series.

We asked Boccalacci to tell us more about it…

After a successful single-seater career, what pushed you to move to the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe?

This year I’ve decided to move to GT because gives you good chances to become a professional driver. At the same time Super Trofeo is a reference point in our world. It’s a really good opportunity for my career and we’ll ve a lot visibility due to the GT World Challenge Europe scheduled in our weekends. We must seize this important opportunity.

What are you aiming at this year?

My goal is to win races. If you don’t start there, there’s nothing left to drive up your ambitions. We have to be competitive in every way in order to compete for the title.

What are the differences from formulas and GT cars in your opinion?

It’s a completely different way to drive. The main thing is about the weight of the cars. When you’re driving a GT car and you have to face a change of direction, the feeling is completely different compared to a single-seater. About points to the disconnect you have to take new reference points on track, but when you find the right feeling with the car it’s really nice.

What’s your greatest hit in the formulas?

GP3 pole position at Le Castellet in 2018 has always stuck out in my mind as something very special. I won also the race, but I was disqualified for some fuel issues. Another great memory is my first victory in GP3 in Abu Dhabi as well as my fourth position at Monaco in Formula 2 and I was the first rookie of the race.

Who is/are the GT drivers you admire?

To date I think that Raffaele Marciello and Laurens Vanthoor are really fast.

Talking about Oregon Team, how did you approach? What is your feeling with the Italian squad?

I’m really happy to work with them, they’re really professional and I know Jerry [Canevisio] for a long time. I have part of my origins that are Italian like my name. Oregon is like a family and this aspect is really important for me. Now is the right time to work together!

What is your feeling with the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Evo car?

I drove the car yesterday for the first time and I was surprised about the engine power. The behavior of the car when cornering is good. I had a really good impression ad the end of our session.

What is your preferred track?

I like city circuits like Macao and Monaco, but in the same way I like to drive in fast tracks like Monza!


(pictured Dorian Boccolacci and his team-mate Kevin Gilardoni)

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