ART Grand Prix fields a BMW M4 DTM for Kubica
Photo Credit: Press BMW Group

ART Grand Prix fields a BMW M4 DTM for Kubica

ART Grand Prix returns to the DTM fielding a BMW M4 car for Robert Kubica. The Polish driver makes his debut after testing the car in Spain last December.

For the first time a private customer team will compete with BMW Turbo Power in the DTM. “This is really great news for the DTM”, said BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, “We are delighted to welcome ART Grand Prix to the DTM as a private customer team.”

No need to introduce BMW, Robert Kubica or the DTM! Their fabulous careers speak for themselves”, ART Grand Prix team principal Sébastien Philippe added, “This project is important to us and we have been putting a lot of energy into it over the winter. It is with great pride that we will undertake it with the ambition to honour a historic car manufacturer, BMW, which has won several titles in the most demanding passenger car championship. Our goal will also be to accompany Robert Kubica, who is about to write a new page in his already incredibly rich motorsport career. Our last participation in the DTM series dates all the way back to 2015/16, so ART Grand Prix will need to relearn the inner workings of this high-level championship. Our objectives will be modest at the start of the season, but with the determination of our team, I hope that we will progress from the start of the season to fight with the frontrunners.” 

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