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Alex Lynn dominates on Day 2
Photo Credit: © GP3 Media Services - Sam Bloxham

Alex Lynn dominates on Day 2

GP3 rookie and new signing for Carlin, Alex Lynn topped both the morning and afternoon test session at Estoril today, ahead of his team mate Emil Bernstorff, with a best laptime of 1:28.552.

Dino Zamparelli was third for ART Grand Prix in the morning before he stopped on circuit and broght out the second red flag of the day. Behind him ended Melville McKee (Jenzer Motorsport). Nick Yelloly (Status Grand Prix) was fifth.

In the afternoon session Jimmy Eriksson ended third for Koiranen GP. Roman de Beer (Trident) and Luis Sa Silva (Carlin) set the fourth and fifth time respectively.

The second GP3 test will take place at Jerez, in Spain, on 10-11 April and will mark the first appearance for Hilmer Motorsport.


GP3 Series test - Estoril 28th March 2014 - morning session

1Alex LynnCarlin1:29.26625
2Emil BernstorffCarlin1:29.48934
3Dino ZamparelliART Grand Prix1:29.58331
4Melville McKeeJenzer Motorsport1:29.60927
5Nick YellolyStatus Grand Prix1:29.68232
6Marvin KirchhoferART Grand Prix1:29.70047
7Jimmy ErikssonKoiranen GP1:29.81622
8Alex FontanaART Grand Prix1:29.89828
9Robert VisoiuArden International1:29.92934
10Roman De BeerTrident1:30.13830
11Jann MardenboroughArden International1:30.29230
12Patric NiederhauserArden International1:30.30231
13Luis Sa SilvaCarlin1:30.37225
14Nelson MasonTrident1:30.44532
15Roberto MerhiStatus Grand Prix1:30.48041
16Dean StonemanMarussia Manor Racing1:30.50529
17Pal VarhaugJenzer Motorsport1:30.75218
18Santiago UrrutiaKoiranen GP1:31.12518
19Patrick KujalaMarussia Manor Racing1:31.32530
20Ryan CullenMarussia Manor Racing1:31.39238
21Adderly FongJenzer Motorsport1:31.79919
22Victor CarboneTrident1:31.98137
23Alfonso Celis JrStatus Grand Prix1:32.37729
24Carmen JordaKoiranen GP1:35.57632

GP3 Series test - Estoril 28th March 2014 - afternoon session

1Alex LynnCarlin1:28.55331
2Emil BernstorffCarlin1:28.77443
3Jimmy ErikssonKoiranen GP1:29.25928
4Roman De BeerTrident1:29.27628
5Luis Sa SilvaCarlin1:29.33118
6Dean StonemanMarussia Manor Racing1:29.33328
7Alex FontanaART Grand Prix1:29.44223
8Dino ZamparelliART Grand Prix1:29.46811
9Nick YellolyStatus Grand Prix1:29.53833
10Marvin KirchhoferART Grand Prix1:29.55311
11Patric NiederhauserArden International1:29.74416
12Patrick KujalaMarussia Manor Racing1:29.83823
13Victor CarboneTrident1:29.92128
14Nelson MasonTrident1:29.93529
15Melville McKeeJenzer Motorsport1:29.96118
16Roberto MerhiStatus Grand Prix1:30.01022
17Santiago UrrutiaKoiranen GP1:30.04120
18Robert VisoiuArden International1:30.06624
19Pal VarhaugJenzer Motorsport1:30.16232
20Alfonso Celis JrStatus Grand Prix1:30.19927
21Jann MardenboroughArden International1:30.23538
22Adderly FongJenzer Motorsport1:30.23723
23Ryan CullenMarussia Manor Racing1:30.32724
24Carmen JordaKoiranen GP1:30.59920
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