12H Italy
AF, Scuderia Praha enter 12H Italy-Mugello
Photo Credit: Speedy

AF, Scuderia Praha enter 12H Italy-Mugello

The 2014 season at Mugello is to begin with the 24 Hours. The race will feature more than 40 teams from all over the world.

There will also be two Ferrari 458 Italia GT3s on track. One will be run by the world endurance champion team AF Corse and will have at the wheel the Belorussian father and son pair, both named Alexander Talkanitsa (pictured), freshly returned from success in the second race of the Paul Ricard Winter Series, along with Portugal’s Felipe Barreiros and Russia’s Ilia Melnikov. The other will run in the colours of Scuderia Praha and will be driven by three Czechs: Jiri Pisarik, Jaromir Jirik and Dennis Waszek.

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