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2014 tyre testing calendar finalised
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2014 tyre testing calendar finalised

Following the agreement between Pirelli and the 11 Formula One teams, with the approval of the FIA, here is the schedule of the dedicated days (one per team) that each team will devote to tyre testing this year, within the existing 2014 in-season test calendar.

The agreement, which was finalised during the final pre-season Bahrain test (from 27 February to 2 March), stipulates that each team will devote one day per year exclusively to testing the latest products and developments from Pirelli, within the framework of the existing test calendar. The definition of this tyre test schedule has been agreed by all parties involved.

For the last two days of this year’s test calendar (Abu Dhabi, 25-26 November) Pirelli will supply all the teams with prototype tyres in preparation for the 2015 season.

Each team will have to devote one day of testing this year to tyres for 2015, as written in the latest sporting regulation (under article 22.6h). This new rule is the result of requests from Pirelli to Formula One’s rule-makers at the end of last season. The tyres that each team will use during its nominated tyre test days will be supplied by Pirelli and will not form part of the 135 allocated sets for testing purposes each year.


Bahrain, 8-9 April
Day 1: Caterham
Day 2: Mercedes, Williams
Barcellona, 13-14 May
Day 1: Sauber, Toro Rosso
Day 2: McLaren, Sahara Force India
Silverstone, 8-9 July
Day 1: Ferrari, Lotus
Day 2: Red Bull, Marussia

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